Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station is the starting point for many tourists. Exciting tours begin from here.

The central entrance is a bit modest compared to
the huge size of this building.
Here is also one of the most popular gathering spots.

On the opposite side, Kyoto Tower is situated.
The building is 31m and the tower is 100m in height.
The tower represents a lighthouse floating on
the Kyoto basin.

The inside of the building is a huge atrium.

There is a Skyway beneath the truss roof.
We can go and come between the right part and the left part of the building using the Skyway.

The big staircase has 171 steps and it is illuminated
with splendid seasonal designs at night.

Kyoto Station is the gateway to Kyoto which consists of train stations, a theater, a department store, and other facilities. It is the starting point and also the end point of the tour.
Before leaving Kyoto, you can buy souvenirs and what you missed to buy at Isetan department store and other various shops in this building.