I’ll make your itinerary according to your preferences.
Most destinations in Kyoto are located on the eastern or western side.
The size of Kyoto basin is around 10km by 10km, vertically and horizontally.
Center is JR Kyoto Station.
Please zoom out to check the approximate size of Kyoto.

Higashishiokoji Kamadonocho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8216, Japan

I picked up some popular itineraries below.

09:00 Comfort Hotel Kyoto Horikawagojo
09:30 Kinkakuji temple by taxi
10:30 Ryoanji temple by taxi
12:00 Sagano Bamboo forest by taxi
      Tenryuji temple
      Arashiyama Togetsukyo bridge
13:30 Fushimi Inari shrine  by taxi
14:30 Kiyomizudera temple  by taxi
      Yasaka-no-to  by walking
Gion district
Instagrammable spots
15:00 End of the tour
☆Taxi fare is around 20000JP
08:00 Hotel Granvia Kyoto
08:30 Fushimi Inari ( 0 ) by JR train
09:30 Kiyomizudera (400) by taxi
11:30 Kinkakuji (500) by taxi
12:40 Bamboo path by taxi
      Tenryuji (800)
14:00 End of the tour
☆Taxi fare is around 15000 JPY. Some taxis cannot accept
credit cards.
☆All admissions should be paid in cash. The number in
parenthesis is an admission per person.
09:30 Fauchon Hotel Kyoto   
10:00 Fushimi Inari shrine by taxi
11:00 Sanjusangendo by taxi
12:10 Arashiyama  by taxi
Bamboo path
      Tenryuji temple by walking
      Arashiyama Togetsu-kyo bridge  by walking
14:00 Monkey Park by walking
      Senkoji (If we have enough physical power)
15:30 End of the tour
☆Taxi fare is around  20000 JPY in total.
  Please prepare cash too for a taxi payment.
☆Admissions should be paid in cash.
6 hours itineraries