Japanese sake can be enjoyed at various temperatures according to dishes, seasons, sake types, personal preferences, and so on.
The temperature of sake is roughly classified into three classes, kan(hot), hiya(normal), and reishu(chilled).
Generally speaking, a hot sake goes well with hot dishes such as oden while a chilled sake goes well with cool dishes such as sashimi.

Please check it out for yourself at an actual Japanese style restaurants.

Kan-zake warmed sake

  • Extra hot Tobikiri-kan over 55℃
  • Hot     Atsu-kan around 50℃
  • Warmer Jo-kan around 45℃
  • Warm Nuru-kan around 40℃
  • Human skin Hitohada-kan around 35℃
  • Sunny side Hinata-kan around 30℃


  • Room temperature 20℃


  • Coolly chilled Suzu-hie 15℃
  • Flower chilled Hana-bie 10℃
  • Snow chilled Yuki-hie 5℃


  • Frozen Toketsu-shu below 0℃