Gion District

Gion District is a distinctive night life destination where Maiko and Geiko are working as professional entertainers with the heart of “Omotenashi”
Gion district consists of three parts of Gion kobu, Miyagawa-cho, and Gion higashi.

Hanging around Gion area

  • Tatsumi-bashi bridge and Tasumi jinja shrine
  • Ken-ninji temple original place of Tea Ceremony
  • Gion-corner index of Japanese traditional cultures with Maiko.
  • Japanese style cafe with matcha sweets, Japanese original sweets and so on
  • Yasui Kompira-gu shrine
  • Yasaka-no-to five-story pagoda


  • Small authentic Japanese style restaurant Kaiseki cuisine
  • Authentic Japanese restaurant Kaiseki cuisine

With Maiko or Geiko

Geisha is the same meanings of Maiko and Geiko in Kyoto

  • Dining with Maiko/Geiko without performances
  • Chatting with Maiko/Geiko at bar space
  • Holding authentic exclusive your own party at authentic Ochaya house

What is Maiko?

  • Maiko
  • Maiko’s daily tasks
  • Maiko’s