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Kiyomizu-dera was originally built  in 778 and rebuilt in 1633.
It was listed as one of the 17 World Cultural Heritage sites of Kyoto in 1994.
The scenery of cherry blossoms and beautiful autumn leaves is very popular.
Main hall is illuminated at night several times a year.
The main hall has a large veranda called “Kiyomizu no butai” jutting out over the hillside.
The stage is about 13 meters high and it is almost the same height as a four-story building.
You can enjoy the breathtaking view of Kyoto from the veranda.
The stage doesn’t easily collapse even if earthquakes hit because it is strongly structured by wooden pillars.
139 wooden pillars support the stage but nails are not used at all.


The origin of a famous Japanese saying

There is a popular Japanese saying, “to jump off the stage of Kiyomizu.” It means to make a decision and “take a plunge,” as if jumping off the stage overhanging the Main Hall which was built on the high, steep slope. This saying implies that the Kiyomizu Stage has long been recognized as being representative of multistory construction throughout the country. The temple has been popular and so faithfully worshipped by the folks as a holy place of Kannon that the stage continues to be a well-known attraction.

It was said that your desires would be granted by jumping off the stage.
More than 200 people jumped off the stage in the past, and about 85% of them were survived.

Otowa waterfall is the origin of the name of Kiyomizu-dera.
Otowa waterfall has three streams of water and they are believed to bring longevity, love fulfillment and academic achievement. Left stream on the observer is for academic achievement, center is love fulfillment and right is for longevity.

Kiyomizu means “holy water” and it is said that the spirit will be purified and your desires will be granted by drinking the water. You are supposed to drink only one stream of water. Because if you drink two or three streams water, your desires will not be granted. Because you are regarded as a greedy person.