YouTube regarding Fushimi Inari is available. Please, take a look at it.

Fushimi Inari Shrine is one of the most popular destinations in Kyoto for foreign and local tourists.
It was established in 711 AD before Heiankyo, Kyoto now, was made as the capital of Japan.
Its vermilion torii gate line is very famous. Maybe you saw that picture many times.
A torii gate is usually a boundary between the sacred world and our secular world.
But torii gates of the long tunnel are offerings to the deity from worshippers.
They were offered when people pray for their wishes to the deity or when their wishes came true.
Torii gates don’t last long time. It decays in about 10 years at the base.
In this shrine, foxes are regarded as a messenger or guardian of deity. At that time the shrine was built,
this area was once a rice and vegetable field. Foxes caught mice that damaged the crops. Therefore
people appreciated foxes.

Torii tunnel